“I enjoyed the real life cases and examples used in the course. I would recommend it because it covers the important perspectives of policy, theory and practices.”

“I learned a lot about policy and the different options that are available. The exercises we did during the course were very interesting and beneficial. I would recommend the course as there is a lot to be learned, especially from the exercises.”

“The material covered during the week has addressed the expectations. I had in terms of deepening and widening my understanding and knowledge about the area of policy to enable better performance in leading on policy development. The course comes very highly recommended as it can meet the need for enabling an introductory understanding of policy go well as exposing policy officials to practical approaches to developing and implementing policy.”

“Trainers were very kind and friendly, open discussions, content is very good. Strategy is very important for countries in transition like Egypt to explore and do great in the future, so this is a useful course for my work in foreign affairs until of FJP.” –Islam Abdel-Rahman from Freedom & Justice Party, Egypt on Professional Certificate in Strategic Policy Planning December 2012

“This course has been helpful in sharpening my focus on delivering objectives for new policy.”

“I would recommend this course to all people who want to understand strategy and policy.”

“I would recommend this course because it is important that influencers at all levels of civil service are exposed to a course like this to encourage effective and sustainable policy making.”