Bespoke Training

The International Centre for Parliamentary Studies designs and delivers bespoke training programmes which are tailored to an organisation's precise, individual needs.

These training seminars can take place in the UK, or in an organisation's home country, depending on their preferences. We can design courses lasting from one day to several weeks for staff at every level of an organisation on a broad range of subjects. The categories below provide an example of some of the areas of expertise in which we are able to provide tailored training:

• Parliament and Government
• Democratic and Electoral Processes
• Regulation
• International Relations and International Law
• Public Administration
• Policy Skills
• Communication and Marketing
• Management & Leadership
• Finance

We have provided training for a wide variety of organisations from across the world.

Below are some selected case studies:

Central Electoral Commission of Georgia (CEC) -
Electoral Processes Training

"During the training, the participants received information from leading UK public servants in raising public trust in electoral processes and systems; Strategies for demonstrating transparency and robustness; Strategies for implementing new procedures; Communicating effectively with varied stakeholders; Managing staff across large networks; Managing knowledge and information across diverse networks. For the rest of the visit, the CEC representatives met with the experts of various electoral structures. The experts provided them with the practical issues about conducting the elections and the electoral systems. The meetings both with the election administration representatives and electoral experts have been interesting and useful for the CEC delegation, which assisted them in learning more about international practices and challenges of conducting elections."

Office of Utilities Regulation, Jamaica -
Regulatory Affairs Training

"The scope of the programme and the expertise of the trainers challenged us to evaluate our performance as regulators. The Jamaican Utilities Regulator is enriched as a result of our participation in this programme." (Office of Utilities Regulation, Jamaica)

Namibian Parliament -
Parliamentary Committees Training

"An excellent course, I am now going home as a more informed Member of Parliament" (Namibian Parliamentarian)
"The course was very good and assisted with lots of important issues. The information was clear and will be implemented back home to improve processes there." (Committee Clerk, Namibian Parliament)
"The exchanges of ideas and comparative analysis of what is working best in different political environment met my objectives" (Member, National Council of Namibia)
"I now understand how scrutiny works and how to hold an effective inquiry, and I have ideas on how to review the National Council's system of oversight and Committees" (Member, National Council of Namibia)

Bhutan Parliament -
Parliamentary Processes Training

"The course was run extremely well and tailored precisely to our requirements. The course covered many important areas for the Bhutan Parliament, including the role of Committees, legislative processes, the work of electoral commissions, and constitutional frameworks. The training was delivered in a dynamic and practical way, and has helped us to improve our democratic processes and the functioning of our Parliament." (Bhutan Parliament)